1975 Year in Review

Events of 1975

Published: 1975
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Ed Karrens: United Press International presents 1975 in Review, a program that takes a look at the world during the year just ending: the direction of its people; the trend of its nations; the course of the planet Earth and the struggle to get through another year. We'll hear of the changes -- some good, some bad and some whose consequence will be measured not by us, but by philosophers and historians of the future. This will be more than a restatement of the headlines. You'll hear the voices of the people involved and the sounds of the historical events as they happened.

Consider 1975. The Indo-China War came to a shuddering halt …

Unknown Speaker: "Residents are now starting to come out of their home, hundreds of them coming out of their homes waving at the victorious Communist soldiers entering Saigon today."

Ed Karrens: Jews and Arabs find a peace of sorts …

Secretary Henry Kissinger: "Beyond hope, that this agreement will be the first step towards a lasting peace for an area whose suffering has lasted for a generation."

Ed Karrens: Men from Russia and the United States shake hands in outer space …

Unknown Speaker: "(Inaudible.)"

Unknown Speaker: "Glad to see ya. Very happy to see you."

Ed Karrens: The nation's largest city almost bankrupt …

Mayor Abe Beam: "Today's speech by President Ford is nothing less than a declaration of default by the White House."

Ed Karrens: Patty Hearst, first kidnap victim, then a fugitive, captured after 19 months …

Mrs. William Hearst: "We just said we loved each other. It was all a very happy reunion."

Ed Karrens: An incredible report says the CIA plotted, but never succeeded, in the assassination of foreign leaders …

Unknown Speaker: "A poison-pen device was being passed for the purpose of assassinating Castro on the very day that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas."

Ed Karrens: And President Ford himself escapes two assassination attempts …

Roger Giddens: "Something has happened here on the state capital grounds in California. The President is being hustled away from a crowd he was shaking hands with. We're moving along with the Secret Service."

Ed Karrens: There are a few of the stories of 1975, stories you'll relive on 1975 in Review.