Marilyn Monroe and Elenor Roosevelt Die

Published: 1962
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WAX2002111901 - WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- Vernon Scott, who covered Hollywood for more than five decades for United Press International, died at the age of 79 on Nov. 18, 2002, following two cardiac arrests at a Los Angeles hospital. He is pictured here interviewing Marilyn Monroe in an undated file photo. rlw/FILE UPI

William Leiss: Death came to two noted figures during the year. In Hollywood, that child of packaged cinema sex, Marilyn Monroe, stabbed the conscience of the tinsel world for a brief moment. Dr. Theodore Curphey reported on the cause of her death.

Dr. Theodore Curphey: "Examination by the top psychology laboratory indicates the death was due to a self-administered overdose of sedative drugs."

William Leiss: Death also took one of the world's most beloved and noble woman, Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And Ambassador Stevenson spoke for all peoples when he said.

Ambassador Adlai Stevenson: "The United States, the United Nations, the world, has lost one of its great citizens. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt is dead, and a cherished friend of all mankind is gone."

William Leiss: It started as a small cloud on the Texas horizon. Big-hearted, open-handed, smiling Billie Sol Estes, whose success story was legend, got into a little difficulty over fertilizer tanks. But before the year was over, the cloud was a storm: Billie Sol was convicted a fraud.

Unknown Speaker: "Former financial Boy Wonder Billie Sol Estes has been found guilty of swindling. but when he will serve his first day in prison is still anybody's guess. A District Court jury in Tyler, Texas returned the verdict of guilty last night and set the penalty at eight years in the penitentiary."

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