Events of 1962

Published: 1962
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Producer: Promotion spot No. 1 for 1962 In Review, 30 seconds.

William Leiss: The sound of integration at Ole Miss. The Oxford, Mississippi story was one of the year's best newsmakers. It, along with other news events, will be told in actual sound and on-the-spot reports when this station presents 1962 In Review.

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President John F. Kennedy: "A strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba is being initiated. All ships of any kind bound for Cuba, from whatever nation or port, will if found to contain cargoes of offensive weapons be turned back."

William Leiss: With these words, John F. Kennedy put Castroism and Khrushchevism on notice that we'll do whatever necessary to defend this hemisphere from Communism. This story and other top news events will be retold with the voices of those who made the news and the reporters who covered it when this station presents 1962 In Review.

A new year is born in hope. Young lovers dream of stars. A President also looks to the heavens, but from a slightly different angle and with different passions. His view is a mixture of pragmatism and idealism, the possible and the probable.

1962 was a fortnight old. In his State of the Union message, the President singled out space as the year's great challenge.

President John F. Kennedy: "With the approval of this Congress we have undertaken in the past year a great new effort in outer space. Our aim is not simply to be first on the moon; our objective in making this effort, which we hope will place one of our citizens on the moon, is to develop in a new frontier of science, commerce and cooperation the position of the United States in the free world."

Announcer: But the importance of space in 1962 faded under the violent impact of events which placed their own stamp upon the year, events that did not always coincide with January's optimism or goals.

This is 1962 In Review, the story of a year.

Announcer: The year began with war still eating at the vitals of France and Algiers. South Vietnam, gripped with the terror of infiltrator and Communist saboteur; but few foresaw the explosions that would rip through the high altitudes of the Himalayas before the year ended.

Unknown Speaker: "The Sino-Indian boundary question is an issue between two Asian countries. China and India should settle this issue peacefully."

William Leiss: James Meredith, Negro, was knocking softly on the door of Mississippi's all-white university, and there was little anticipation of the anguish that would follow when the courts opened that door.

And in the Caribbean, a bearded Communist would drag the world to the brink of hell in the mightiest crisis of an eventful year.

These are some of the great stories of the year selected by United Press International editors throughout the nation. You will hear more on these and other stories that made history after this important message.