Italy surrenders to Allies

United Press

ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, NORTH AFRICA -- Italy has surrendered unconditionally, and apparently ordered its armed forces to resist the Nazis if they should try to interfere with the surrender.

The Italian collapse was announced Wednesday by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allied commander in chief of the Mediterranean, who said that he had granted Italy a military armistice on Sept. 3 and that it was effective "this instant" (11:30 a. m. Iowa time).


At that hour Eisenhower went to a microphone of the United Nations radio station here and read his statement to the world.

Eisenhower said:

"This is Gen. Dwight D. chief of the Allied forces.

"The Italian government forces unconditionally.

"As Allied commander military armistice, the terms by the government of the States, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

"Thus I am acting in the The Italian government has terms without reservation.

"The armistice was signed by my representative and the representative of Marshal Badoglio, and it becomes effective this instant.

"Hostilities between the Nations and those of Italy terminate at once. All Italians who now act to help eject the German aggressors from Ital ian soil will have the assistance and the support of the United Nations."


Thus, five days after the the nation officially was out

Thus the Casablanca "unconditional surrender' ulti matum received its first application.

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