Queue grows for Iranian president

TEHRAN, March 18 (UPI) -- Former Iranian Minister of Housing and Urban Development Mohammad Saeedikia said Monday he was competing for the presidency.

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Iranians attend Islamic Revolution rallies

TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (UPI) -- Thousands of Iranians rallied Sunday to mark the 34th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the ouster of the U.S.-backed Pahlavi regime.

The Iranian cliff

WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- If 2012 turned out to be the year of the "Cliff Hanger," what will 2013 bring? Consider the "Iranian cliff."
HARLAN ULLMAN, UPI Outside View Commentator

Iran outwits sanctions, but feels pinch

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- U.S. and European sanctions are taking their toll of Iran's economy, even though Tehran has become adept at getting around them to sell its oil, its economic lifeline.

Iranian consul to Norway seeks asylum

OSLO, Norway, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- The former Iranian consul in Oslo says he has applied for political asylum in Norway.

Rights group asks Iran to stay execution

TEHRAN, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- Amnesty International called on the Iranian government to halt the execution of a juvenile offender scheduled for Wednesday.

'Luster' of the revolution gone -- Pahlavi

NEW YORK, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- The "luster" of the Islamic Revolution has vanished following more than three decades of economic and political decline, the former crown prince of Iran said.

Militancy in Kordestan troubles Iran

TEHRAN, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- The perpetrators of the spate of terrorist attacks in the western Iranian province of Kordestan must be dealt with firmly, the Iranian vice president said.

Third of mass trials under way in Iran

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (UPI) -- The third round of mass trials began Sunday in Tehran for protesters arrested in the wake of Iran's disputed June 12 presidential election, authorities said.

Iran's NIOEC gets new chief

TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- The National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Co. has a new chief, Iranian media reported Monday.

Egypt convicts man of spying for Iran

CAIRO, March 27 (UPI) -- An Egyptian security court Sunday sentenced a man to 35 years in prison after convicting him of spying for Iran and plotting to assassinate the president.

Syria refutes united front with Iran

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- A Syrian official Wednesday denied reports of unified Syrian-Iranian cooperation to counter U.S. pressure amid rising tension between Damascus and Washington.

Iran, Syria announce threat alliance

DAMASCUS, Syria, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Facing increasing hostility from the United States, Iran and Syria announced Wednesday they were forming an allied front, the BBC reported.

Iran to restore relations with Egypt

TEHRAN, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- Iran expects to restore full diplomatic relations with Egypt, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman announced Tuesday.
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