In 1958 United Press International launched the first wire service radio network, the UPI Audio Network. Over the years, a staff of remarkable UPI reporters and anchors covered some of the late 20th century's biggest events, including the space race, the Six Day War and the Kennedy Assassination. It was also the last network, radio or TV, to report the end of the Vietnam war from the scene.

At the end of each year, the UPI audio network produced "Year in Review", a feature program highlighting the major news stories, events, and sounds that made history and changed people's lives. is pleased to offer the original "Year in Review" features from 1959 to 1994 in their entirety, complete with transcripts of each broadcast. We invite you to tune in and relive these moments or experience them for the first time, through the voices of UPI radio legends and the sounds of UPI Year in Review.