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James "Jamie" Edward Martin is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera All My Children. He was portrayed by Justin Bruening from September 9, 2003 until August 22, 2007 (and later again on August 31, 2007 for a farewell video on the birthday of the character's father).

James "Jamie" Edward Martin was the product of an ill-fated relationship between Tad Martin and Brooke English. Prior to his birth, Jamie's father Tad was presumed dead as a result of a struggle with nemesis, Billy Clyde Tuggle. Brooke kept the paternity of Jamie a secret and claimed he was fathered by an anonymous articial donor. Brooke named him "James Edward English". In 1993, two years after Jamie's birth, it was revealed that Jamie's father, Tad, had not died but was in fact alive and living in California. After Tad returned to Pine Valley, Brooke told Tad about his child and gave him partial custody. The child was renamed "James Edward Martin". His childhood was relatively uneventful, as he was shipped between Brooke and Tad's homes and spent most of his time playing with young Amanda Dillon and J.R. Chandler (who was raised as his brother since Tad was married to J.R.'s mother, Dixie).

As he hit his teen years, Jamie was so traumatized after being accosted by town psychotic Vanessa Bennett that he briefly lost the power of speech. This led to Brooke's wedding to Edmund Grey being postponed. By the time they married, his presumed-dead wife returned to town, and Edmund dropped Brooke. Brooke drifted into an affair with her ex-husband, Adam Chandler Sr., who had made Tad's life hell on several occasions. Jamie was disgusted with his mother for such tacky behavior, and even moved in with Tad at one point. He got drunk at a Chandler mansion costume party and spilled their secret to the crowd. This upset his religious girlfriend, Joni Stafford, and especially her ultra-conservative parents. Ultimately, Jamie couldn't deal with her moral lectures or rampant self-righteousness, and broke up with her. His interest swung to Laurie Lewis, his brother's girlfriend. J.R. and Laurie's relationship was over, but when Joni told him that she'd seen Jamie and Laurie kissing, he was crushed and fled town. Jamie stepped in to try to fill J.R.'s shoes. He falsely confessed that he had hit Laurie's alcoholic father (she'd knocked Doug out because she thought he was going to hit her), and although Laurie was grateful, she felt guilty about J.R. and didn't want to rush into a new relationship. Jamie turned to a young hooker he met in BJ's restaurant, but Brooke walked in on their making out on the living room couch. A few months later, Jamie ran into Laurie again. She was more receptive than she'd been the last time around, but their plans were cut off because she suddenly moved to Minnesota to enter her father in a rehab program. Dejected, Jamie decided to take after the "Tad the Cad" aspect of his father and began shamelessly flirting with older women.

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