Arizona lawmaker regrets voting for anti-gay bill

"I screwed up," Pierce says. "I'm trying to make it right."

By Kris Giuliani
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. (File/UPI/Kevin Dietsch)
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. (File/UPI/Kevin Dietsch) | License Photo

PHOENIX, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- An Arizona state senator who voted for the controversial "right to discriminate" SB 1062 is now pushing for a veto before the law goes into effect.

The law would allow businesses to discriminate against homosexuals and same-sex couples on the grounds of “religious freedom.” Governor Jan Brewer has until Friday to decide whether to sign or veto the bill.


Republican Sen. Pierce had a change of heart after voting for the bill along with 16 other state senators.

“I screwed up," Pierce to Capitol Media Services. "I’m trying to make it right... I would be on board to get it repealed."

Pierce has been public about changing his mind, stating to the Prescott Daily Courier, “I don’t like the negative picture of Arizona, and I’m on board asking the governor to veto the bill.”

“To say (the bill is) anti-gay is following the feeding frenzy... I have friends that are gay, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. This is blown way out of proportion and it’s too bad.”

Since the bill's passage, a growing number of lawmakers and business leaders have put public pressure on Brewer to veto the bill.


Center for Arizona Policy president Cathi Herrod, the architect of the legislation, is hoping the governor will ignore mounting national attention and sign the bill, saying opponents “have hijacked this discussion through lies, personal attacks and irresponsible reporting.”

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