Steve Martin apologizes for 'racist' tweet

The 68-year-old comedian deleted an "inappropriate" tweet regarding how to spell "lasonia."

By Veronica Linares
Steve Martin apologizes for 'racist' tweet
Actor Steve Martin. UPI/Art Foxall | License Photo

Steve Martin has apologized for a tweet that was meant as a joke but was deemed to be racist by many of his followers.

The Father of The Bride star came under fire Saturday after one his 4.5 million Twitter followers asked him "Is this how you spell lasonia?" and he gave racially-charged answer.


Steve Martin (Twitter)

β€œIt depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?”

While the 68-year-old comedian deleted the tweet soon after it went live it was already too late for the backlash.

"Are you going to act like that tweet doesn't exist @SteveMartinToGo ? We all saw it. Very disappointing," wrote Twitter user @JustCindeh.

"Look @stevemartintogo The deletion shows that you realized that tweet was racist and wrong. So now you finish the fix by apologizing," tweeted @amaditalks.

"@SteveMartinToGo You are a classy man, sir. Gracious. I think you meant no harm, but are sensitive to the feelings of others. Have a cookie," wrote @BeccaPiano.

In turn Martin responded to several of the comments.


"I did apologize. But again, a second later I realized what an offensive thing I'd done. Deep bow," he wrote to @JustCindeh.

"My tweet was highly inappropriate," he added. "Sadly, there is a misquoted version around with the implications you write about."

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