Mayor's alleged crack house id'd

The house at 15 Windsor Rd., Toronto. (Google Street View)
1 of 2 | The house at 15 Windsor Rd., Toronto. (Google Street View)

The home where Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoked crack cocaine was identified using the photo that was circulated as proof of his drug use.

The house at 15 Windsor Road has been a frequent stop for police in response to calls from concerned neighbors, most recently shortly after alleged video of Ford smoking crack was shopped around to buyers.


The image, which is not part of the video, was provided as proof to media of the authenticity of the video.

An assault occurred at the address on May 21, in which a man entered the home and assaulted two people using "some kind of pipe."

Although police told CBC News there is "no information that the suspect was looking for a video," Gawker, which was trying to buy the video, said the footage might be "gone."

Siblings Mario Basso, 40, Fabio Basso, 45, and Elena Basso, 51, live in the house owned by their mother, Lina.

"Rob Ford is the greatest mayor ever," Elena Basso told reporters from the Toronto Star, who had reached out for comment. "You guys are scavengers. You come back to my house, I'll call the police."


David Profitt, a friend of the Bassos, said both he and the Basso family knew Ford from Scarlett Heights High School, where they all attended.

Neighbors on the otherwise well-kept street described the run-down number 15 as a source of concern. They said the house appears to be a source of drug activity.

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