$10,000 found in Kansas hotel by 10-year-old boy

File. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)
File. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg) | License Photo

A 10-year-old boy found $10,000 in cash at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City on Saturday.

The Inquisitr reports Tyler Schaefer was staying at the hotel with his dad, Cody Schaefer, when he found the money in a drawer.


“I didn’t know if it was real. I showed it to my dad and he said it was real,” said Tyler of his discovery.

The father and son ended up turning the money to the Kansas City Police Department.

According to Sargeant Randy Francis, the situation is somewhat suspicious because nobody had come forward to report the missing money.

If the $10,000 aren't claimed within seven months they will be returned to the Schaefers. But Cody said he wasn't holding his breath.

“We didn’t have the money when we got there, so it doesn’t change much,” he said.

However, if they do end up getting the money, Schaefer said it would go straight into a college fund.

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