[VIDEO] 4-year-old mayor elected in Minnesota

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Meet Robert "Bobbie" Tufts, self-proclaimed fishing expert, big-stick carrier, and mayor of Dorset, a tiny community of 22 people in north-central Minnesota.

Mayor Tufts is just four years old.


Chosen by lottery at the annual "Taste of Dorset" festival, Bobbie is happy to help guide his fellow citizens safely across the street, dole out advice on the right bait to use for fishing (he says he's a better fisherman than his dad), and wax about his girlfriend, Sophia.

Just $1 gets a name put in the drawing, and it's not limited to residents: one previous mayor was a 5-year-old from Chicago, according to the New York Daily News. His one-year term will be up in August, and he will go down as the official mayor of record in 2013.

Dorset, the self-proclaimed "Restaurant Capital of the World" thanks to its most restaurants per capita, lost its official town designation when it lost its zip code.

Thus, local businesses make most of the decisions for the community, leaving the mayor with mostly ceremonial responsibilities.

And Mayor Tufts, who has yet to finish kindergarten, seems up to the task.


“He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing,” said Kathy Schmidt, a long-time Dorset resident. “He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is.”

One thing's for sure: When it's time for Bobbie to apply to college, in a dozen years or so, his experience is certain to impress.

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