Most unfriendly countries named

No. 10: Mongolia (Dave-Gray on Flickr)
No. 10: Mongolia (Dave-Gray on Flickr)

The biannual travel and tourism competitiveness report released by the World Economic Forum revealed the countries whose people are the most welcoming -- and the least.

In a weighted survey of 140 countries, people were asked "how welcome are foreign visitors in your country" on a scale from 1 (very unwelcome) to 7 (very welcome), between 2011 and 2012.


While the vast majority of countries -- 102 of them -- ranked their friendliness between 6 and 7, the few at the bottom stood out as much less welcoming. Or perhaps, much more honest!

The top 10 least friendly countries:

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1. Bolivia -- 4.1

2. Venezuela -- 4.5

3. Russian Federation -- 5.0

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4. Kuwait -- 5.2

5. Latvia -- 5.2

6. Iran, Islamic Republic -- 5.2

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7. Pakistan -- 5.3

8. Slovak Republic -- 5.5

9. Bulgaria -- 5.5

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10. Mongolia -- 5.5

(China, the Republic of Korea, and Saudi Arabia were also tied at 5.5.)

On the flip side, the friendliest countries are:

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1. Iceland -- 6.8

2. New Zealand -- 6.8

3. Morocco -- 6.7

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4. Macedonia, FYR -- 6.7

5. Austria -- 6.7

6. Senegal -- 6.7

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7. Portugal -- 6.6

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina -- 6.6

9. Ireland -- 6.6

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10. Burkina Faso -- 6.6

(Also scoring themselves a 6.6 in friendliness are Barbados, Canada, Thailand, Mali, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malta, Yemen, Belgium, Bahrain and Rwanda.)

The United States ranks 102nd, with a friendliness score of 6.0.

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It's worth noting that these rankings differ from those given by the WEF determining the best (and worst) countries for travel and tourism.

According to that metric, the top 10 are Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Sweden and Singapore; the worst are Haiti, Chad, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Lesotho, Mauritania, Yemen, Algeria and Madagascar.

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