Kate Upton responds to ambitious teen's prom invite

Kate Upton responds to ambitious teen's prom invite

Like many young men who read Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles high school student Jake Davidson is completely enamored with its 20-year-old cover model Kate Upton. So enamored in fact, that he made a two-minute YouTube video asking her to prom.


"I'm Jewish, 5'9" on a really good day, and I can't dance at all. You're Christian, 5'10", and that Cat Daddy video should have won an Oscar for Best Short Film," Davidson argues as he rubs shaving cream on his face. "You could say this is destiny."

"Great moments are born from great opportunity," Davidson muses as a friend in a bathrobe hands him his suit vest. "That's what we have here today: a chance to make a nice guy's senior year the best ever."

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This isn't the first time enterprising fans have aimed for their dream dates.

Minnesota teen Mike Stone invited his favorite porn stars to his senior prom last year, and Mila Kunis escorted one lucky Marine, Sgt. Scott Moore, to his 2011 Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina.

There's no word from Upton yet, but Davidson is updating Twitter users with his progress @JakeDavidson23 under the hashtag #promwithjake.

[H/T The Daily Dot]

UPDATE: Upton acknowledged his unorthodox invitation over Twitter, saying she'd check her schedule.

And the "Today" show arranged a phone call between the two on Wednesday morning's episode.

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