Biscuit, a 37-pound cat finds new home in Missouri [VIDEO]

Biscuit, a 37-pound cat finds new home in Missouri [VIDEO]
Biscuit, the 37-pound cat CREDIT: YouTube

Biscuit, a 37-pound cat living in a Missouri animal shelter found a new home this week.

The robust feline rose to notoriety last week when the St. Charles Animal Control Shelter shared his story via the St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Ed and Lisa Pyatt of Eureka were chosen among hundreds who sent in requests to adopt the chubby cat. The couple is excited to have found a companion for their also-full-figured kitty, Max.

“We adopted Max from the Humane Society about five years ago, and he needs a buddy,” Ed Pyatt told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “Biscuit will be a perfect friend for him.”

The Pyatts were selected, among many reasons, because they lived close to the shelter, thus avoiding the risks of shipping Biscuit.

Teresa Gilley, the lead animal control officer at the shelter, told the SLP they even declined an offer to send Biscuit to the Anderson Cooper show, on which the cat was to be featured in a segment, because she thought the flight to New York would be too stressful for the cat.

“We had no clue, but now we’re finding out that he is kind of a big deal,” Pyatt said.


Unfortunately, Biscuit's fame comes with at a high price. The cat's weight and his journey to losing it is a serious issue that needs to be monitored regularly.

“Cats in particular can get very, very sick if they lose too much weight too fast because their livers are not able to handle digesting fat stores,” said Jenny Phillips, a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital of St. Charles who examined the cat.

However, the new owners are not worried, as they've already experienced this with Max, who at 20 pounds is also overweight. In fact, the couple is looking forward to welcoming Biscuit into their home.

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“We’re going to be the last stop for this cat,” he said. “We’re already attached to him.”

Biscuit was surrendered to the shelter for the second time last week, worrying volunteers who feared he'd never get a home due to his size, the SLP noted. With most male cats weighing in at 10 ponds, Biscuit is three times larger than he should be.

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