Lisa D'Amato face injured after freak accident [PHOTO]

Updated Jan. 25, 2013 at 2:37 PM
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Lisa D'Amato, the winner of America's Next Top Model All Star edition, broke her nose and lip during a freak accident while on the set of her new movie, Cowboys and Indians, Us Magazine reported.

On January 19th, D'Amato informed her fans of the incident via Instragram, by uploading a photo of her pretty face, looking swollen and stitched up.

CREDIT: Instagram

"This is real. I broke my nose last night folks! Got Rushed to the plastic surgeon & now I'm finished. Who wants to hang out? Lol jk Lol no but seriously I'm fine...I need to chill on my gymnastics doe. I'll be back to normal in a month. I hope I like my new nose! #didntchangeithopefully," she wrote on the caption.

The model/singer got injured after a gymnastic move went awry on the set of her movie.

"Well I can't hide this....I got dropped during a gymnastic move w/ my partner. C'est la vie got rushed," she tweeted.

D'Amato has been updating her fans with photos via Instagram. In the latest picture, which shows her face has healed considerably, the model apologized to for posting the crude photos with no warning.

CREDIT: Instragram

"So it seems so many got really scared from those accident pics I posted. They are reAl but,... I am recovering very well. So well, that I'll have no scars and look even better. Thanks to those that have been compassionate with heartfelt words of encouragement. I apologize if those pictures scared some of you, I was not trying to shock anyone but trying to keep it real on what is going on in my life. My life is an open book. I guess I'm a bit of a tomboy- not vanity obsessed so I'm not too concerned about showing the ugly part of life. I was not doing a crazy acrobatic move, it was quite easy actually- one I've done with a partner since I was a child. It truly was a strange freak accident. Truth is- shit happens! But I will be just fine and will jump right back into my career being better and stronger than ever! Thanks for all the kind wishes and concerns. See you in Thailand and the PHILIPPINES this February & will be gladly willing to show off my new Disney Princess face that Dr. Magic said I'd have after healing. Once again, I apologize if I scared you! As you can see I'm doing just fine," she wrote.

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