Hackers spell out 'KJU GAS CHAMBERS' in Time's Person of the Year poll

Hackers spell out 'KJU GAS CHAMBERS' in Time's Person of the Year poll
(Screen grab: Time poll)

Just a week after 4chan users voted North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to the top of Time magazine's Person of the Year poll, a group of hackers related to 4chan managed to spell out "KJU GAS CHAMBERS" with the poll's top 14 names -- starting with Kim, Jon Stewart and Undocumented Immigrants.

According to a report from The Daily Dot, the poll manipulation scheme is the handiwork of a group of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) users, who used a Java script to manipulate the voting results.


One IRC user explained their choice of words to The Daily Dot:

There really is nothing too exciting about the meaning, sorry to say. We chose it because it was clever, had semi-subtle offensive overtones, and wasn't as childish as our second choice of KFCBUTTSEX

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Furthermore, if there was any overt justification for why we chose gas chambers, it’s because we wanted to reference Hitler, who’s [sic] gas chamber antics are always offensive to people. His name was mentioned a lot when we were discussing what to spell.

The phrase, "KJU GAS CHAMBERS" refers to the North Korean leaders mysterious and brutal prison camps, where entirely families have reportedly been gassed.


Mashable reported December 3 that 4chan was planning to spell out the phrase after they propelled Kim to the top of the poll. "For our Glorious Leader, Episode II: We've already voted him to the top, now lets spell something nice with the first letters of the contestants," wrote one user.

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