The best of Stan Lee's AMA on Reddit

Posted By KATE STANTON,  |  Aug. 14, 2012 at 5:06 PM
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Stan Lee, co-creator of legendary Marvel superheroes like Spider-man, the Hulk and Thor, took to Reddit for one of the site's open interview sessions, "Ask Me Anything."

Apart from learning that Lee isn't fond of picking favorites, we now know that the former president of Marvel Comics likes heroic ballads, Tony Stark and DC Comics villain Lobo.

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From MrTravesty: If you can be any of the superheroes you created which one would you choose to be and why?

Lee: Tony Stark! He's rich, he has women, boats, planes & a sense of humor.

From ArianFosterThePeople: Which villain would you want to be?

Lee: Dr. Doom, then I'd be a king! Ya know I was in London, a couple of months ago & I was hoping that when I got off the plane, the queen would be there to greet me & put a ribbon around my neck that I could be Sir Stan Lee...but I guess she was busy or something.

From recordfreak123: Where do you get all your inspiration? Does the moustache hold special powers?

Lee: I have tried to keep this secret for decades... I'm so often asked where I get my inspiration from... I don't know how you managed to figure it out - YES! It's the moustache! (Believe that and there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell ya!)

From jachien: Which Spiderman movie did you like best. 2002 with Tobey Maguire? or 2012 The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield?

Lee: I love them all & if I had a favorite I wouldn't tell you. I love working on them & working with the people who make them. And I wouldn't wanna offend anybody by placing one over the other. I am such a wonderful person, the world should learn something from my example.

From kippa2005: Did you mean anything that you said in mallrats, or was it all just scripted?

Lee: What I said in Mallrats was scripted, but I'm such a magnificent actor that people think I'm dreaming the words up at that very moment. Even though I like Kevin Smith, I'm very disappointed that he hasn't asked me back to cameo for any films since Mallrats. To incur the wrath of Stan Lee is not something one wants to do. So watch out Mr. Kevin Smith!

From EdGG: Is there any approach or philosophy, any quote that you have always on your mind whenever you reach an impass?

Lee: When I'm really at an impasse, I'll stop & say to myself: Come on you Jerk, it's just words on paper."

From SamewlHolmes: I was wondering as to what type of music you enjoy listening to? Were there any songs or particular artists that inspired your creative side?

From julia-sets: What is your favorite DC character? Are there any you wish you'd thought up?

Lee: My favorite DC character is Lobo, although you couldn't call him a hero...

From dnthatethejuice: How often do people mistakenly ask you to sign or ask you about comics which you had no part in creating?

Lee: People will often ask me to sign pictures or comics of characters I didn't create... Wolverine being a chief example of this... I always make it a point to tell people that I didn't create the character, but they ask me to sign it anyway. I'll always oblige a fan, but I won't do it under false pretenses.

Lee: I dunno that any one particular song inspired me, I grew up listening to love songs & ballads & heroic songs. I like Man of La Mancha, Camelot was a great example of heroic music, I dug it a lot.

From agnomengunt: What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Lee: There are variables...if I have a chocolate cake or strawberries & I wanna put ice cream on it, it's gotta be Vanilla. Ice Cream by itself...Chocolate. I know that in your quest for a definitive answer you want me to pick one over the other, but there are even many other flavors that have brought me satisfaction & pleasure over the years. So I refuse to make one definitive choice.

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