University of California to end use of SAT, ACT in admissions

May 22 (UPI) -- The University of California has suspended the use of SAT and ACT exams as part of admission requirements until 2024.

The university's Board of Regents voted unanimously Thursday to suspend the standardized test requirement for all California freshman applicants, it announced in a release.


"Today's decision by the board marks a significant change for the university's undergraduate admissions," said University of California President Janet Napolitano.

The removal of the exams, Napolitano said, was done as the school develops its own to better align with what the university expects students to known before they enter post-secondary education.

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The university said if a new test does not meet specified criteria by the fall 2025 admission seasons, it will eliminate the standardized test requirement.

"I think this is an incredible step in the right direction toward aligning our admissions policy with the broad-based values of the university," Board of Regents Chair John A. Perez said prior to the vote. "I see our role as fiduciaries and stewards of the public good and this proposal before us is an incredible step in the right direction."

In March, the university temporarily suspended the standardized test requirement for fall 2021 applicants due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The school said the tests will be optional through 2022 and for 2023 and 2024, students will have the option of submitting a test score but it will only be considered for the purpose of course placement, certain scholarships and eligibility for statewide admissions guarantee.

Thursday's decision follows a two-year research effort to evaluate the value of standardized tests in admissions that began in July 2018.

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