Giffords' district full of anger

Jan. 17, 2011 at 8:29 AM
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DOUGLAS, Ariz., Jan. 17 (UPI) -- U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Arizona border district symbolizes the anger seen in the state's politics, political observers said.

Giffords, a Democrat, represents District 8, where half the arrests for illegal immigration between California and Texas are made, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Giffords was critically injured after being shot through the brain Jan. 8 at a Tucson strip mall. Six people were killed in the shootings and 13 others, including Giffords, were wounded. The shooter was arrested and taken into custody.

It wasn't uncommon for angry constituents to voice their dissatisfaction with Washington and Giffords was sometimes their target.

Prior to the midterm elections in November, Giffords was in Douglas, Ariz., filming a re-election commercial. With the camera rolling, a man stormed out of the Gadsen Hotel, shouting that Giffords was about to get "thrown out" of office.

"He began viciously, verbally attacking Gabby," said Jason Ralston, Giffords' Washington-based consultant directing the commercial. "I've never seen anything like it."

Giffords was also in the front lines of immigration reform, but urged reason over anger.

"Half of the arrests for illegal immigration between California and Texas are made in District 8, Gabby's district," said Michael McNulty, a Tucson lawyer who has headed her campaigns since she first ran for the state legislature. "That had everyone on edge."

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