S.C. to execute two-time child rapists

COLUMBIA, S.C., June 1 (UPI) -- South Carolina's state legislature has passed a measure that would make some twice-convicted child rapists eligible for the death penalty.

By a vote of 84-27 in the Republican-dominated House, lawmakers approved the measure, which would allow for the execution of anyone convicted more than once of raping a child younger than 11, the Charleston (S.C.) Post & Courier reported Thursday.


The bill has gone to Republican Gov. Mark Sanford to be signed into law. Earlier this year, Sanford participated in a news conference to support the bill, the Columbia (S.C.) State said.

Wednesday, Attorney General Henry McMaster deflected critics' claims the bill is unconstitutional.

"It will be challenged, if not here, in some other states," McMaster said "It needs to be tested, and I predict the Supreme Court will conclude it is perfectly constitutional."

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