Lee compares Taiwan with Genghis Khan

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6 (UPI) -- Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui used Mongol emperor Genghis Khan as an example for Taiwan.

The Taipei Times reported Sunday that the former president gave a lecture to the Lee Teng-hui School on leadership.


He said the Mongol warlord rose from a tribal chieftain to become a great emperor, and that "although Taiwan is small, it could become the driving force to lead the world as long as it strives to do well."

The most important characteristics of leadership are vision and humanity -- and, whether the leaders pay attention to the feelings of the people.

"I watched Genghis Khan and saw how he emerged from a small tribal leader to unify Mongolia, expand the kingdom's realm into areas populated by Han people and annihilate the Chin Dynasty," Lee said commenting on a Chinese television series "Genghis Khan."

"He had the ideas of Western culture and he knew how to lead and be humane."

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