Washington Agenda-General

By United Press International  |  June 11, 2002 at 3:55 PM
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TIME: All Day

EVENT: U.S.ENERGY ASSOCIATION AND JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC. holds the 13th Annual Energy Efficiency Forum themed "Evolution of the Energy Economy: Ensuring Security and Stability."

AGENDA: Highlights:

8 a.m. - Tom Gannon, VP & GM Controls Systems & Services, Johnson Controls, Inc.

Welcome Remarks

8:15 a.m. -- Creative Energy Awards

Christine Todd Whitman, EPA Administrator

Rep. Tom Udall, D-NM

Rep. Mark Udall, D-CO

10:15 a.m. - Evolution of the Energy Economy: How do we ensure security and stability?

Lewellyn King, Publisher, Energy Daily

T.J. Glauthier, President/CEO, Electricity Innovation Institute

Jefferson Seabright, Director, Green Strategies, Inc.

11 a.m. - Elizabeth Lowery, VP Environment & Energy, General Motors

1 p.m. - John Hoeven, Governor, North Dakota

1:30 p.m. - Spencer Abraham, U.S. Secretary of Energy

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Darryll Fortune, 414-524-7770

WEB ADDRESS: eeforum.net

TIME: All Day

EVENT: MIDDLE EAST INSTITUTE World Bank 7th Annual Conference entitled Transparency and the Rule of Law: Implications for Development in the MENA Region.

AGENDA: Highlights:

9 a.m. - Introduction

Shaha Ali-Riza, World Bank

9:15 a.m. - Opening Remarks

Edward S. Walker, Middle East Institute

Jean-Louis Sarbib, World Bank

9:30 a.m. - Session 1: The Rule of Law in the MENA Region: An Overview

Cheryl Gray, World Bank

Chibli Mallat, Mallat Law Office, Lebanon

Tamara Cofman Wittes, Middle East Institute

11:30 a.m. - Session 2: Case Studies and Comparisons

Jean AbiNader, Managing Director, Arab American Institute

Christian Delvoie, World Bank

Emad Tinawi, Booz Allen & Hamilton

Mustapha Nabli, World Bank

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: World Bank H-Auditorium, 1915 G Street, N.W., Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-785-1141

WEB ADDRESS: mideasti.org

TIME: All Day


AGENDA: Summit delegates will discuss and express their views on some of the most pressing issues facing them as business owners today. Senior Bush administration officials and members of Congress will attend the meeting as well, both listening and speaking to the business owners gathered there.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Hyatt Regency --Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-554-9000

WEB ADDRESS:nfib.com

TIME: 9 a.m.

EVENT: ALASKA FORUM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY holds a briefing to release a report on the status of the aging trans-Alaska Pipeline System entitled "The Emperor's New Hose: How Big Oil Gets Rich Gambling with Alaska's Enviroment."

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 366 Dirksen Office Building, Washington DC

CONTACT: 907-479-7778

WEB ADDRESS: alaskaforum.org

TIME: 9:15 a.m.

EVENT: AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE holds a program on "Are Fannie and Freddie Adequately Disclosing What Investors Need?"

AGENDA: Highlights:

9:15 a.m. - Peter J. Wallison, AEI

Rep. Christopher Shays, R-CT

10:15 - PANEL I: Comparing Fannie and Freddie to Banks

Bert Ely, Ely & Co.

W. Scott Frame, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Larry D. Wall, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Ed Golding, Freddie Mac

Ray Soifer, Soifer Consulting, LLC

11:40 a.m. - PANEL II: Disclosure for Derivatives and Mortgage Bank Securities

Dwight M. Jaffee, University of California at Berkeley

Steven D. Thomas, Financial Security Assurance Inc.

Susan E. Woodward, Sand Hill Econometrics

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 1150 17th Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-862-5933


TIME: 9:30 a.m.

EVENT: NATIONAL PRESS CLUB presents a program entitled "Is it Acceptable to Hunt Down Terrorists at all Costs?" There is growing concern by human rights advocates that treatment of POWs, humanitarian access, and treatment of non-combatants is being forgotten in the war against terrorism.

WHO: The speakers are:

Roy Gutman, the diplomatic correspondent for Newsweek,

Christian Blickenstorfer, Swiss Ambassador to the United States

Maj. Gen. Altenburg, Deputy Judge Advocate General (ret.)

Urs Boegli, head of Regional Delegation for North America, International Committee for the Red Cross

Serge Duss, director of public policy and advocacy at World Vision

Ken Hurwitz, senior associate at International Justice Program.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-662-7500

WEB ADDRESS: npc.press.org

TIME: 9:30 a.m.

EVENT: WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSOCIATION, GLOBAL BUSINESS DIALOGUE AND NATIONAL FOREIGN TRADE COUNCIL hold Truth & Consequences: Environment and Investment in the WTO with a mid-series luncheon that will highlight the overall outlook for the Doha Round against the backdrop of the Fast Track-TPA legislation and other developments and in the run up to the 2002 G8 meeting.

AGENDA: Highlights:

9:30 a.m. - Environment Panel

Jennifer Haverkamp, USTR

Petros Sourmelis, EU Delegation

William Krist, the Woodrow Wilson Center

Anne Alonzo of the National Foreign Trade Council.

10:45 a.m. -- Investment Panel

Joseph Papovich, USTR

Felipe Lopeandia, Chile's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Renaud Lassus, EU Delegation

Stephen Canner, US Council for International Business.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: The St. Regis Hotel, 16th & K Streets, NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-463-5074

WEB ADDRESS:wita.org

TIME: 10 a.m.

EVENT: NATIONAL PRESS CLUB holds its "Morning Newsmaker" news program featuring The Leader of the Union of the Right Forces in the Russian State Legislature, Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-662-7500

WEB ADDRESS: npc.press.org

TIME: 11 a.m.

EVENT: CATO INSTITUTE holds a policy forum on Digital Copy Protection: Mandate It? Ban It? Or Let the Market Decide?

WHO: The speakers are:

Rick Lane, News Corporation

Jonathan Potter, Digital Media Association

Sarah B. Deutsch, Verizon

Stewart Verdery, Vivendi Universal

Jonathan Zuck, Association for Competitive Technology.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-789-5229

WEB ADDRESS:cato.org

TIME: 11:30 a.m.

EVENT: REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ, D-IL, AND REP. SAM FARR, D-CA, hold a news conference to discuss a bill to help Mexican workers recruited to work in the U.S. during World War II receive back pay that was never paid to them.

WHO: The speakers are:

Lupe Martinez, Executive Director, UMOS and Co-Chair of the National Alliance of Farmworkers

Bruce Goldstein, Co-Executive Director, Farmworker Justice Fund

Arnoldo Resendez, Vice President, Office of Special and International Projects, National Council of La Raza

Ventura Gutierrez, Alianza Braceroproa

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Triangle, (Alternate rain location: Room 334, Cannon House Office Building)

Washington, DC

CONTACT: Marilyn Katz, 312-822-0505

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION Media Issues Lunch Forum on The Future of Television: Patents, Policy and the Need for Innovation with Henry Yuen, Founder, Chairman & CEO Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 211 U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Jud Mathews, 202-986-4901

WEB ADDRESS: newamerica.net

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: WOODROW WILSON CENTER holds a program on The Agreement for the Conservation of Marine Life of the Black and Mediterranean Seas: Regional Approaches with William C.G. Burns, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, Burlingame, CA, and EES Short-term Scholar.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-287-3400

WEB ADDRESS: wwics.edu

TIME: 12 noon

EVENT: CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE holds a luncheon and book release DEADLY ARSENALS: Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction

WHO: The speakers are:

Joseph Cirincione, Carnegie Senior Associate on global proliferation trends

Jon Wolfsthal, Carnegie Associate on Russian nuclear programs

Miriam Rajkumar, Carnegie Project Associate on South Asia

Rose Gottemoeller, Carnegie Senior Associate on strategic nuclear forces

George Perkovich, Carnegie Senior Associate on Iran and Iraq

Michael Swaine, Carnegie Senior Associate on China

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: CEIP, 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Toni Elam, 202-939-2296

WEB ADDRESS: ceip.org

TIME: 12:30 p.m.

EVENT: RESOURCES FOR THE FUTURE presents a program on "Does Race Matter? An Examination of Polluting Plants' Location Decisions," with Ann Wolverton, National Center for Environmental Economics, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Many studies find that firms locate waste sites or polluting plants disproportionately in minority or poor communities. Wolverton will address several shortcomings in these studies and suggest that, contrary to many previous results, race is not a significant determinant of plant location.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 1616 P Street, NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-328-5000

WEB ADDRESS: rff.org

TIME: 1 p.m.

EVENT: NATIONAL PRESS CLUB holds its "Luncheon Newsmaker" news program featuring Royce Holland, CEO of Allegiance Telecom, discussing competition in the telecommunications business, looking into the question who will survive?

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-662-7500

WEB ADDRESS: npc.press.org

TIME: 1:30 p.m.

EVENT: BROOKINGS INSTITUTION /PEW FORUM ON RELIGION AND PUBLIC LIFE hold a program on "Liberal Pluralism: The Paradoxes of Freedom and the Challenges for Democratic Government."

WHO: The speakers are:

E.J. Dionne, Jr., senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and syndicated columnist, The Washington Post Co-chair, Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

William Galston, Professor, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland Director, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy Director, Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) Senior Adviser, Democratic Leadership Council and the Progressive Policy Institute

Stephen Macedo, Professor of Politics and Director, University Center for Human Values, Princeton University National Advisory Committee, Center for Civic Education, Project on International Standards for the Teaching of Civics and Government

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale University Divinity School Author, On Universals; Reason Within the Bounds of Religion; and Faith and Rationality

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Falk Auditorium, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-797-6105

WEB ADDRESS: brookings.edu

TIME: 2 p.m.

EVENT: ENVIRONMENTAL AND ENERGY STUDY INSTITUTE holds a Congressional briefing on Building Corporate Markets for Green Power

WHO: The speakers are:

Rep. Mark Udall, D-CO

Zach Wamp, R-TN

Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute

Lee Califf, Manager, Government Affairs, Alcoa Inc.

Edwin Mongan, Manager, Environmental Stewardship, DuPont

Jeff Kolstad, Chief Scientist, Cargill Dow LLC

Merwin Brown, Market Sector Manager, Electricity and Natural Gas Markets, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 2325 Rayburn Office Building, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-628-1400

WEB ADDRESS:eesi.org

TIME: 3 p.m.

EVENT: WOODROW WILSON CENTER holds a program on "Reinventing the Alliance: U.S.-Japan Security Relations in an Era of Change."

WHO: The speakers are:

Thomas Berger, Boston University

Takashi Inoguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

John Ikenberry, Georgetown University

Michael Mastanduno, Dartmouth College

Jitsuo Tsuchiyama, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-287-3400

WEB ADDRESS: wwics.edu

TIME: 3:30 p.m.

EVENT: CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES presents former president of Argentina Carlos Menem discussing governance, economic, and security challenges facing his country and South America.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 1800 K Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: Mark Schoeff, 202-775-3242

WEB ADDRESS:csis.org

TIME: 5 p.m.

EVENT: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PAUL H. NITZE SCHOOL OF ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL STUDIES holds a lecture entitled "America's New Aid Program for Afghanistan: Work of the Central Asia Task Force" with Leticia Kelly Butler, director of policy planning at USAID.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-663-5626

WEB ADDRESS: sais-jhu.org

TIME: 6 p.m.

EVENT: KENNEDY CENTER MILLENNIUM STAGE presents Youth Orchestra of Prince William String Quartet.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-416-8000

WEB ADDRESS: kennedy-center.org

TIME: 6 p.m.

EVENT: NATIONAL PRESS CLUB "Tales from the Bar" presentation on "Combat Correspondents" with Peter Arnett.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-662-7500

WEB ADDRESS: npc.press.org

TME: 6:30 p.m.

EVENT: NORTHERN VIRGINIA TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL is hosting the "Hot Ticket Awards" to celebrate the efforts of companies and individuals in the tech community who have exhibited that 'special something' that makes them 'Hot Tickets' - great vision, the ability to implement and deliver, innovative management approach or star-quality charisma. The winners will be announced at an invitation-only pre-party on June 12 for finalists and sponsors, followed by a celebration for the winners.

WHO: The ticket categories and finalists are as follows:

Hottest Buzz: Bionetrix, Entremed, Human Genome Sciences, Riptech, and XM Satellite Radio.

Hottest Friend of the Entrepreneur: Century Club Grubstake Breakfast Program; Fairfax County EDA; John May, New Vantage Group; John Sanders, Founder, Washington Technology; and Jonathan Silver, Core Capital Partners.

Hottest Management Team: Blackboard, CNSI, Current Analysis, i3solutions, and Sophia Wireless.

Hottest New Service or Product: Aptagen, Ensco, Hemodyne, XM Satellite Radio, and Xtreme Spectrum.

Hottest Staying Power: Anteon, CACI, Multicity, SAIC, and Software AG.

Hottest Venture-Backed Company: Blue Ridge Networks, IJET Travel Intelligence, ISR Solutions, Mantas, and Megisto Systems.

Hottest Visionary: Dan Bannister, DynCorp; Vint Cerf, WorldCom; Ted Leonsis, AOL; Jack London, CACI; and April Young, Comerica Bank.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Rooftop at Clarendon Ballroom, 3185 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA

CONTACT: Nancy Rollman, 703-904-7878

WEB ADDRESS: nvtc.org

TIME: 7 p.m.

EVENT: POLITICS & PROSE BOOKSTORE presents Jeffrey Frank's The Columnist which is the fictitious memoir of DC-based newspaperman Brandon Sladder-revealed as a self-absorbed, sex-obsessed name-dropper, whose single-minded pursuit of success and power have prevented him from empathizing with even his own child and Darin Strauss's discussing and signing his novel THE REAL Mccoy which charts the life of Kid McCoy, a prizefighter forging his fate at the turn of the last century.

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC

CONTACT: 202-364-1919

WEB ADDRESS: politics-prose.com

TIME: 7 p.m.

EVENT: THE CAPITAL PRESS CLUB holds a national forum on Critical Issues holds a program on Facing the Sickle Cell Community.

WHO: The speakers are:

Charles F. Whitten, M.D., founder/president emeritus, SCDAA and Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Assoc. Dean, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Oswaldo Castro, M.D., Director, Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease

Lennette J. Benjamin, M.D., SCDAA Chief Medical Officer, Assoc. Professor of Medicine/Clinical Director, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY

Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, M.D., SCDAA National Board and Director, Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA

Shirley Miller, Sickle Cell Patient and SCDAA National Board Member, Dallas, TX

DATE: June 12, 2002

LOCATION: Charles Sumner School, 1201 17th St., NW, Washington, DC.

CONTACT: 202-442-6060

WEB ADDRESS: cpcnet.org

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