Baseball players reveal steroid pressures

WASHINGTON, March 3 (UPI) -- Pro baseball players' depositions for a U.S. House committee hearing revealed why some feel pressure to use performance-enhancing drugs, it was reported.

The players made the revealing statements about their use of steroids and human growth hormones to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee lawyers ahead of the panel's Feb. 13 hearing, which focused mainly on whether Roger Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young winner who most recently pitched for the New York Yankees, used such drugs, The Christian Science Monitor reported.


"People were forced to make the (drug or no drug) decision ... because they knew other guys were taking it, and there were guys that were passing them by, and they were trying to keep jobs and figuring out what to do," former Texas Ranger Christopher John "C.J." Nitkowski said.

Former Yankees infielder Chuck Knoblauch said he tried steroids after developing an inability to throw accurately to first base.

"Being weak, and I was trying to hold on to my career, you know, I made the unfortunate decision to try it," Knoblauch said.


Left-handed Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte reportedly said he took human growth hormones to hang on to a $30 million contract after injuring his arm.

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