CES 2017 preview: Artificial intelligence, Smart tech highlight of this year's show

Glimpses of new technologies in automobiles, computing, personal assistants and wireless living are expected at this year's event.

By Doug G. Ware
CES 2017 preview: Artificial intelligence, Smart tech highlight of this year's show
Kuri, a home robot designed with a 'cheerful' personality, is displayed at Unveiled, ahead of the 2017 International CES, a trade show of consumer electronics, in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 3, 2017. Photo by Molly Riley/UPI | License Photo

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- The first week of every new year brings a slew of eye-opening technology for gadget lovers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the 2017 edition will open Thursday.

The exhibition provided a preview on Tuesday, which revealed that this year's show will concentrate on the growing use of artificial intelligence in consumer devices.


The following are some of the splashes set to mark the four-day event:

New Realities

For more than a year, electronic devices featuring all-artificial virtual reality (VR) and part-artificial augmented reality (AR) technology have been wildly popular. At CES this year, this corner of the computing market is expected to skyrocket.

Companies like HTC, Cardboard, KwikVR and Pimax are expected to announce new entries into the VR niche -- but the long-awaited Oculus, owned and funded by Facebook, will not.

On the AR side of things, where virtual elements are composited with reality, Microsoft is expected to debut its HoloLens technology and Intel its Project Alloy.

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Personal Assistants

For decades, prognosticators have been laying out a vision of the future in which we are all aided by personal robots. This year's CES is set to show off some of the latest technology in this arena.


Google and Amazon are promoting such personal smart helpers, the Home and the Echo Dot, this year. The Dot is the latest version of Amazon's Echo assistant, which uses voice technology facilitated by Alexa. The new version is much smaller.

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Google's Home boasts it own similar features and are integrated into other services like its Play Music, YouTube and Spotify.

Asus is also slated to unveil its robotic assistant, which is closer to the type envisioned by future-seers decades ago.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Automated vehicles are skyrocketing in popularity, although they are still mostly in development.

Honda is expected to unveil its NeuV, a vehicle that relies heavily on intelligence and promises to revolutionize the way humans interact with automobiles. Toyota is also planning to show off a concept car, but details are scarce.

Other automakers plan to exhibit new electric vehicles -- like Chrysler, which will unveil its new all-electric vehicle, reported to be a variant of the Pacifica.

BMW will reveal its HoloActive Touch technology and Audi will introduce a new crash avoidance system.

Wireless Wonders

Devices sans cord are always popular entries at CES, and this year more products will be coming down that pipeline.


Newer versions of wireless headphones -- competitors to Apple's AirPods -- will be put on display, and more tech-savvy adapters and dongles will also get a look at this year's show.


Some of the most popular revelations at CES are TVs, and 2017 will be no different. Multiple industry leaders are expected to reveal new television technology that boast better resolution, more interactivity and less cost.

Companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic are all expected to have dramatic 4K-resolution TV reveals during press events Wednesday, the day before the show opens.

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