It's official: Street Fighter's Ryu joins Super Smash Bros. roster

Ryu will be armed with two finishing moves, or "final Smash attacks" -- a first for the series.

By Brooks Hays

TOKYO, June 14 (UPI) -- What began as a series of rumors that evolved into full-blown leaks is now official. Ryu, of Street Fighter fame, is one of several new characters to feature in the new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo announced the new roster of characters and demonstrated other features during a press conference streamed online Sunday morning.


Suzaku Castle, the home setting for Ryu's battles in Street Fighter II, will also be available as a stage in the new Smash Bros. Ryu won't be the only new face in the multiplayer combat game. The street fighter will be joined by: Lucas from the game Mother 3; Roy from Fire Emblem; and Mewtwo a Pokemon character.

As in his original game, Ryu's arsenal in Super Smash Bros. will feature two magnitudes of attack -- each move will be able to be performed weakly or strongly (using a more complex series of commands).

Ryu will also be armed with two finishing moves, or "final Smash attacks" -- also an homage to Street Fighter.

The new characters and stages won't come free. They will be available for purchase on each separate platform, for anywhere from four to six dollars. All three are available for download today.


Nintendo is set to announce more surprises in another live stream on Tuesday, June 16, at noon EST.

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