Washington girl wears 45 sweaters at the same time to break record

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Feb. 19 (UPI) -- A young Washington girl broke a Guinness World Record when she donned 45 sweaters at her local library.

Sophia Hayden pulled on each sweater individually and had to pull each garment down to her waist before moving on to the next item to comply with Guinness World Records rules.


She also had to ensure none of the sweaters ripped, as any damaged sweaters would not count toward her total.

She broke the record for the most sweaters worn at once, which was previously set at 40 by French 11-year-old Thomas Hocquet-Umambo in 2022.

"It took a lot of time to gather enough sweaters for this attempt," mother Alessandra Hayden told Guinness World Records.

The sweaters used in the attempt were donated to charity.

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