Deer trapped inside home for two hours

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April 21 (UPI) -- A large deer crashed through a window into a Victoria, Australia, home and ended up trapped in the home with two children for two hours.

Alexander Hill said he was at a work meeting when his children started messaging him that there was a deer inside their Alphington home.


"It was a freak occurrence," Hill told The Age. "We don't really see that many deer in this area and I thought it was going to be more Bambi and less large stag, but it was a fairly big animal."

Hill said the deer was likely confused when it caught its own reflection.

"We have reflective windows, so when it saw itself it thought it was threatening, and it went right through the glass," he said.

Hill said his kids waited patiently on the second floor.

"The kids were saying that it smelled pretty bad, they were upstairs saying it smells terrible," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

A ranger arrived at the house, but didn't have any tranquilizers. A second ranger was summoned to bring tranquilizer darts, and rescuers from the nonprofit Vets for Compassion also showed up to help.


A Vets for Compassion volunteer held a door open, allowing the deer to escape on its own.

Hill said the damage to his home was minor.

"I just had to clean up some glass and there are a couple of holes in the plaster," Hill said. "Surprisingly, I had to clean up a lot of hair."

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