Boy, 9, breaks Rubik's cube speed record

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March 23 (UPI) -- A 9-year-old Rubik's cube prodigy from China broke a Guinness World Record when he averaged a time of 4.69 seconds in his attempts at solving a 3x3x3 cube.

Young speedcuber Yiheng Wang made five attempts March 12 at the Yong Jun KL Speedcubing 2023 event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and recorded times of 4.35, 3.9, 4.41, 5.31 and 6.16 seconds.


World Cube Association rules required the fastest and slowest times to be discounted when calculating the average, giving Yiheng an average time of 4.69 seconds.

Guinness World Records said the boy broke the record for fastest average time to solve a 3x3x3 rotating puzzle cube, beating the record of 4.86 seconds, which was jointly held by Max Park of the United States and Tymon Kolasiński of Poland.

The WCA said Yiheng's 3.9-second solve was the fourth fastest on record.

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