Toddler playing with Apple Watch calls 911 during nap time

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Feb. 2 (UPI) -- A Michigan couple who allowed their 3-year-old to play with what they thought was an inoperative Apple Watch said they were shocked when the toddler called 911 during his naptime.

Leon Hendrix posted a video to Facebook showing the baby monitor camera footage from his 3-year-old son Landon's naptime conversation with a 911 operator.


Hendrix and his wife, Andrea, said they allowed Landon, one of three young boys in the family, to play with an old Mickey Mouse-themed Apple Watch because the toddler is enamored with the cartoon character.

"That was one of the original series watches, I was like, 'I haven't used it in years, it's probably not connected to a phone, what's the harm in him looking at the Mickey Apple watch?'" Andrea Hendrix told WOOD-TV.

The mother said she was working from home during the kids' nap time when she heard something unusual coming from the baby monitor.

"I was listening, and I was like, 'Wait is that someone else talking?'" she said.

She said she panicked when she realized the toddler, who had climbed into a crib with his younger brother, was talking to a 911 operator.


"When it was happening, I was like freaking out. Obviously because I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe he called 911.' And I was like, 'How long this has been going on for and are they on their way here?'" she recalled.

Leon Hendrix, a former anchor for WOOD-TV, said he rushed to the kids' bedroom to interrupt the call, which the parents later discovered had lasted seven minutes.

"We edited out the part where I charge into room in my underwear," he said of the video. "The old newsman in me, the first thing you go to is, 'Did we get that on video or was that recorded?'"

The parents said Landon still is allowed to play with the watch, but only on airplane mode and only while under their direct supervision. They apologized to the 911 dispatchers.

"We do sincerely apologize for making this mistake and taking their time, we couldn't be more grateful for the dispatchers and what they do," Leon Hendrix said.

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