Family remodeling Idaho home finds wall covered in baseball cards

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Feb. 2 (UPI) -- An Idaho family remodeling their house removed the roof shingles covering a bedroom wall and made a surprising discovery -- about 1,600 baseball cards glued to the plaster.

Melissa Brodt said she has been remodeling a Boise home for her son and made a surprising discovery when she started peeling away the dark green roof shingles covering the wall of a bedroom.


"I was surprised, shocked, confused," Brodt told KTVB-TV. "I wasn't sure what I was looking at until we continued to pull down the shingles."

Brodt soon realized the wall under the shingles had been wallpapered with about 1,600 baseball cards from the 1970s and 80s.

Brodt, whose family bought the home from the estate of the previous owners in December, was able to contact Chris Nelson, 44, the son of the original owners and the former occupant of the bedroom.

"In the late 80s I was absolutely obsessed with baseball," Nelson told CNN. "We just decided we were going to wallpaper one of the walls with the excess baseball cards."

Nelson said he and his parents spent a weekend using a strong adhesive to stick the cards to the wall. He said the roof shingles came into play a few years later when it was time to remodel his room again.


"We ended up with a few packages of roof shingles, and we just nailed them up on the wall and painted them," Nelson said.

Nelson said the cards are unlikely to be of any value, even if they hadn't been covered in adhesive.

Brodt said the cards are affixed to the wall too strongly to remove. She said she is willing to allow someone to take the wall away if they are interested.

"I would love for somebody to come in and take it if they think it's useful," Brodt said."We don't have any interest in keeping it because it doesn't really go with mid-century modern decor and we're not really baseball fans."

Nelson said he doesn't care whether the wall ends up preserved or trashed, but Brodt's discovery brought back a nice memory of his parents, who died last year.

"It's a nice memory of a family activity that we did for a couple of days where we were all getting along and having fun together," he said.

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