Kansas man breaks three Guinness World Records for free throws

July 8 (UPI) -- A Kansas man with multiple world records under his belt added three more titles to his name while shooting free throws.

Bob Fisher, 63, of Centralia, took to a gymnasium Monday and broke the records for most free throws in 30 seconds while alternating hands -- 27 -- and most free throws in one minute while alternating hands -- 49.


Fisher also managed 67 free throws in one minute to tie the current world record.

The accomplishments brought Fisher's total number of Guinness World Records titles for free throws to 28.

"All it takes to become good at something is knowledge, practice and time," Fisher told KSNT-TV. "I thought I'd put it to the test, so I started going to the gym every day."

Fisher said his practice involved studying the physics of free throws.

"I got into wrist position," he said. "Strongest position of the wrist, and what position would apply the greatest force through the fingers."

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