Pennsylvania woman reunited with lost cat after 8 years

Nov. 18 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania woman whose cat ran away from home eight years ago was reunited with her long-lost pet when she discovered the feline was up for adoption at a local cat cafe.

Kristen Williams said Snickerdoodle, a tortoiseshell cat, ran away from her home in Watsontown about eight years ago, and despite searching and calling around to local shelters, she was never able to locate her missing pet.


Williams said she was on Facebook a couple weeks ago when her attention was grabbed by a post from the Scratching Post Cat Cafe in Lewisburg.

The post included a photo of a for-adoption cat that Williams immediately recognized as her long-lost Snickerdoodle.

The cat, now named Maria, bore all the same markings as the cat in Williams' photos, as well as sharing her old pet's obsession with hanging out in sinks.

Williams said she hadn't been looking to adopt a cat at the time, but she couldn't resist the opportunity to bring her long-lost pet home.

Arion Moser, a volunteer at Scratching Post, said the adoption story is one of the most unique that the cafe has seen.


Williams said Maria has already laid claim to the kitchen sink in her home.

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