Bear opens car door, climbs inside in Tennessee

Oct. 22 (UPI) -- An Indiana family visiting Tennessee captured video of a black bear wandering up to their unoccupied car, opening a door and climbing inside.

The Franczak family said they traveled from Crown Point, Ind., to Sevierville, Tenn., to celebrate a grandmother's birthday.


"One of our bucket list things was to see a bear," father Brian Franczak told WBBM-TV.

The family said they were shocked, however, when a bear came walking up the driveway of their vacation home and headed for their SUV.

"I just screamed, 'Oh my God! The bear is here! The bear is in the driveway,'" mom Carly Franczak said.

The family captured video as the bear opened a back door of the vehicle and climbed inside.

"I was at go-carts racing and my grandpa got a call about that there's a bear in their car," daughter Olivia Franczak said, "and we couldn't believe it at first. We thought my uncle got dressed up as a bear and went into the car."

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency recommends residents and visitors keep vehicle doors locked at all times and make sure food and trash are secured where the animals can't reach.


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