Lost class ring returned to Oklahoma woman after 36 years

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Aug. 5 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma woman who lost her class ring during a trip to a lake was reunited with the ring 36 years later when it was returned to the school.

Tammy Risher, who was a mascot for Kingfisher High School during her senior year in 1984, said she saved up for three years to buy her class ring, but lost it only a week later during a trip to Canton Lake with some friends.


"I put it in my shoe because I didn't want to lose it in the water, and it slipped out of my shoe," Risher told KFOR-TV.

Risher said she thought the ring was lost forever until a man recently contacted Kingfisher High School to return a ring his late father had once found while treasure hunting at the lake.

"Both of his parents just recently died and he found this ring and said he wanted to find the rightful owner," said Amy Woods, who works as a payroll clerk at Kingfisher High School.

School employees went through old yearbooks and contacted Risher's classmates until they were able to track her down.

Risher visited the school Tuesday and was pleased to discover the ring still fits.


"It fits just like Cinderella," Risher said.

An Indiana man who lost his class ring under similar circumstances was recently reunited after an even longer period of time.

Sam Wagner, a Jasper High School graduate, had given his ring to then-girlfriend Susan to wear during a trip to Beaver Lake beach in 1974 and the ring was lost in the sand.

Wagner's ring was found 46 later by Haddie Hollingsworth, 9, who discovered the item at the beach while building a sandcastle.

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