Honey leaking through walls alerts Pennsylvania couple to bee infestation

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July 14 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania family who found a mysterious sticky substance dripping from their walls discovered the thick liquid was honey and their walls were full of bees.

Andrea Isabell said she and her husband first noticed the dark spots on the walls of their Perkasie, Bucks County, home after Tropical Storm Fay passed through the area Friday.


Isabell said they initially thought the spots were water damage from the storm, but they soon discovered the dark spots were honey leaking through the walls.

"My husband felt this really sticky, syrupy stuff. We were brave and smelled it. He said, 'This is honey. This is honey pouring down our walls,'" Isabell told WPVI-TV.

The family enlisted the help of Allan Lattanzi, "The Bee Man" of Yerkes Honey Farms in Collegeville. Lattanzi said there is a colony of bees living in the walls of the house.

Lattanzi said he is working on a plan to extract the bees.

"The bees become my girls," Lattanzi said. "I will take them home and they will become a honey producer for me. I will make a colony."

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