Escaped pigs cause traffic chaos on Virginia highway

July 2 (UPI) -- Authorities in Virginia said a group of large pigs caused lane closures and long traffic backups when they escaped from a trailer and went running loose on the interstate.

Kelly Hannon, Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman, said the first reports came in about 1 p.m. Wednesday of loose hogs running through traffic on Interstate 95 in Spotsylvania County, about 2 miles south of the Thornburg exit.


Surprised witnesses captured video of the pigs weaving between vehicles in the roadway.

The Virginia State Police said the pigs escaped from a trailer being towed by a Ford F-250 truck on the highway. The driver was the truck was cited for failing to properly secure the livestock.

Most of the hogs were rounded up and returned to the trailer near the Thornburg exit, but one pig made it all the way across the county line in Caroline before being wrangled.

Police said they closed lanes of traffic while rounding up the pigs, leading to traffic backups stretching about 2 miles once the scene was cleared.

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