70-pound beehive found under California man's garden shed

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Feb. 21 (UPI) -- A homeowner who called bee removal experts to investigate the insects in his back yard said he was shocked to learn there were 100,000 to 150,000 bees living in a 70-pound hive under his shed.

Herb Herbert of El Cajon said he first started noticing bees in his back yard about two years ago, and the insects returned each year.


"The bees were coming in and out of a small hole at the bottom of my shed," Herbert told KGTV.

Herbert called Bee Nice Wildlife Management and a technician pulled back a corner of the shed to discover a 70-pound beehive measuring about 30 inches long.

"His estimate was there were probably 100,000 bees at least and 20 to 25 per minute going into the hive," Herbert told the Sacramento Bee. "That puts it at 1,200 an hour. Only 10 percent of the bees leave the hive. The other 90 percent stay in and work."

The hive and bees were safely relocated without damaging the colony, Herbert said.

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