Netherlands birdwatchers surprised by rare flamingo visitors

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Jan. 24 (UPI) -- Birdwatchers are flocking to a nature reserve in the Netherlands to catch a glimpse of some rare visitors to the county: a group of flamingos.

The avian enthusiasts said the birds, six Chilean flamingos and one European flamingo, were first spotted Tuesday at the nature reserve near Pijnacker, a village located between Rotterdam and The Hague.


Nature reserve warden Cor Noorman said he has never known flamingos to visit the area in the past. He said the birds were confirmed to not be escapees from any nearby zoos.

"They probably came here from a roosting place near Germany," he told broadcaster Omroep West.

Noorman said the birds do not seem to mind the large groups of birdwatchers that have gathered to photograph and video them.

"They could be elsewhere tomorrow. We have to enjoy them while we can," he said.

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