BASE jumper who crashed into hotel rescued by woman on balcony

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Jan. 15 (UPI) -- A BASE jumper who crashed into a beach hotel during a jump gone wrong was rescued by a woman who helped him climb onto her balcony.

Kody Kosloski of Michigan said he was participating in a sanctioned BASE jumping event at an Acapulco beach when a gust of wind sent him crashing into the building seconds after jumping off the roof.


Kosloski's video camera was recording as he clung to the strap of his parachute, which was caught higher up on the building, and an older woman came out onto a nearby balcony.

The woman took Kosloski's hand and helped him onto the balcony, where he shouted to the roof that he was uninjured.

Kosloski said his rescuer then offered him a glass of water.

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