Resale store worker finds $7,000 in jacket pocket

Ben Hooper

Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A worker at an Indiana resale shop discovered $7,000 in the pocket of a jacket and was able to track down the cash's rightful owner.

Jennifer Kimes, who works at Plato's Closet Valparaiso, said she was examining a jacket that was recently brought into the store when she found something in the pocket.


"When I put my hand in the pocket, I felt something. When I pulled the money out, it made me panic a little bit, So, I put it back in the pocket for a second and then I took it back out of the pocket and ran over and put it in the register, and immediately called the owner of the store," Kimes told Fox News.

She said the discovery was extremely unusual.

"I mean, sometimes you find gum, or a picture, or a grocery list," Kimes told WLS-TV. "You don't find $7,000 in a pocket."

Kimes' boss, Tammy Wendland, was able to help her identify and contact the former owner of the jacket, who had forgotten where his money was stashed.

"Just extremely, overwhelmingly grateful," Wendland said.

Kimes said she was happy to be able to do a good deed at work.

"It's just about integrity. So when you work with things like this you have to make sure that you're honest and you do the right thing," she said.

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