Man rescues hedgehog with head stuck in discarded cup

Ben Hooper

Aug. 9 (UPI) -- A man who spotted a hedgehog in an unusual predicament in Scotland came to the animal's rescue and took a cup off its head.

Cameron Bonner said he and his friend were on the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway near Loch Lomond when they spotted the hedgehog with a cup stuck on its head.


Bonner's video shows the man approach the animal and Bonner takes hold of the cup, lifting it and the animal off the ground. He shakes the cup until the hedgehog falls loose.

Bonner said he hopes the footage will remind people that trash can pose a dangerous hazard to wildlife.

"Please take your rubbish home!" Bonner said. "If we had not been there, the hedgehog would have starved to death over several days."

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