Laptop intentionally loaded with malware sells for $1.345 million

By Ben Hooper
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May 28 (UPI) -- A laptop computer was loaded with some of the world's most infamous malware programs as an art project and fetched a high bid of $1.345 million.

The Samsung NC10 laptop, dubbed "The Persistence of Chaos," was loaded by artist Guo O Dong with infamous ransomware viruses including WannaCry, BlackEnergy, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila.


The ransomware programs, which lock up the machine and demand the user pay a fee to have it unlocked, have been blamed for an estimated $95 billion in damages worldwide and once shut down a Ukrainian power grid.

Dong said the purpose of the piece, which was commissioned by cyber security firm Deep Instinct, was to give physical form to abstract cyber security issues.

The laptop, which was auctioned for $1.345 million, is currently isolated from networks and is unable to spread the viruses.

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