Package thief makes off with box of cat poop

Ben Hooper

Dec. 31 (UPI) -- A California woman fed up with package thieves captured footage of a man stealing a box of cat poop from her front porch.

Stephanie Igoa said the security camera on the front porch of her Fresno home has repeatedly captured so-called "porch pirates" thieving from her front porch, including one man who made at least two visits while wearing a mask.


Igoa said she posted footage of the thefts online and received some enticing advice.

"Why don't you put cat poop in there? And I'm just like, haha. But then I started thinking about it and I'm just like, why not? That's a good idea," Igoa told KMPH-TV.

She said it didn't take long for someone to take the bait.

"I was kind of scared they were gonna open it be like, 'ew it's cat poop!' and throw it at my door or something. Anyway, I looked at the cameras, and nope! He didn't. He just got it, he was super-dope, excited about it. He had his backpack, and he stuck it in his backpack and I'm like, yeah that's what I want you to do buddy," Igoa said.

Igoa said she is planning to put out a second box of poop using tea bags to mask the smell.

Porch pirates aren't the only unusual things Igoa's security camera has recorded this year -- in October the camera captured footage of the moment a tire that came free of a passing car crashed into the outside wall of her home.

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