Package arrives at Georgia couple's home with snake inside

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 25 (UPI) -- A Georgia couple who ordered collapsible storage bins from Amazon said the package contained an unwelcome bonus item -- a live snake.

Charene and Njeri Rucker said they panicked when they opened the package at their Clayton County home and saw the snake.


"I opened it and then I pulled it out and something hit the floor. I didn't know what it was," Charene Rucker told WSB-TV.

The couple, who shared images of the snake on Facebook, said they rushed their 1-year-old son out of the room and called professional animal handlers to come remove the snake at a cost of $425.

It was unclear at what point the snake, identified as a non-venomous banded water snake, ended up inside the box.

The couple said Amazon refunded their $15 for the storage bins, but they are also asking the company to pay the $425 fee to have the snake captured.

Wildlife expert Nick Jackson said it's possible the snake survived the entire trip inside the package.

"They have a slow metabolism for the most part and it's dependent upon their environment. If their environment is cooler, like a package or a warehouse, they can go a while without food or water," Jackson said.


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