Bull escapes Utah veterinarian before circumcision

Ben Hooper

Sept. 14 (UPI) -- A bull evaded a circumcision procedure when it escaped from a Utah veterinary clinic and ran loose through a town.

The Tooele Veterinary Clinic said the 2,000-pound bull became agitated prior to what was supposed to be a quick 45-minute procedure on Thursday and escaped the facility by jumping a fence.


"The bull actually come in to become circumcised," Roundy told KSTU-TV. "He must've known, why else would you jump a six foot fence?"

Roundy said the bull got over the fence and then darted through the open perimeter gates.

Witness Louise Sanchez captured video of the bull staring down police officers outside the local Walmart.

"Only in Tooele and at Walmart," Sanchez wrote on Facebook.

Police helped Roundy recapture the bovine fugitive.

"We went over to Walmart, I had a tranquilizer gun, by then we had 40-50 people there and all the cops," Roundy said. "Walked within ten yards, shot him with the tranquilizer gun, call the cowboys to bring their horses and come rope this bull."

Roundy said the bull failed to avoid its circumcision.

"Gave him a little more tranquilizer," Roundy said. "Got him rounded, up brought him back and did the surgery."


There were no injuries or property damage reported from the bull's time on the loose, police said.

Police in Texas faced a similar situation last week when a 2,200 Brahma escaped from its pasture and ran loose on a busy road in Spring. The Harris County Constable's Office said deputies helped control traffic while professional cowboys were brought in to guide the animal back to its pasture.

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