Herd of cows chases down fleeing suspect in Florida

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 8 (UPI) -- A Florida sheriff's helicopter captured video of a fleeing suspect being chased and ultimately cornered by some unusual concerned citizens -- a herd of cows.

The Sanford Police Department said officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a Subaru SUV that was reported stolen in nearby Brevard County on Monday, but the driver sped off and ultimately crashed into a ditch.


Driver Jamie Young, 46, and passenger Jennifer Kaufman fled in different directions, while a second passenger remained at the scene of the crash and was arrested.

K-9s were able to track Young to some bushes where police found her hiding and placed her under arrest.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office aerial alert team, summoned to help Sanford officers, tracked Kaufman and the helicopter crew captured video of the suspect fleeing through a cow pasture with a herd of cows in pursuit.

"The large group of cows is following her, for a good visual," a crew member says in the video. "It looks like they might attack her."

The cows did not end up attacking the suspect, but they helped lead officers on the ground directly to Kaufman.


"A group of cows provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed onto their turf," the sheriff's office said.

Richard Kondracki, owner of the cattle, said they have never acted aggressively before.

"I think they didn't realize who they were," he said. "They panicked. The cows were nervous. That would make me panic -- if all those big cows come running at you. They didn't know them. They don't know if they're there to hurt them, or steal one of the babies," he told WKMG-TV.

Kaufman and Young were booked on charges of drug possession, resisting arrest, trespassing and petit theft.

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