Ohio man calls 911 to report being stalked by a pig

Ben Hooper

May 21 (UPI) -- Police in Ohio said they thought a man who reported being followed by a pig was drunk, but it turned out he was "very sober" and indeed being stalked by swine.

The North Ridgeville Police Department said in a Facebook post that a man called 911 about 5:26 a.m. to report he was being followed by a pig while walking home from the train station in Elyria.


The post said police thought the man was "drunk" and "hallucinating" his porcine pursuer, but officers arrived to find the man was "very sober" and had a pig hot on his trail.

An officer was able to wrangle the pig into his patrol cruiser.

"Also, we will mention the irony of the pig in a police car now so that anyone that thinks they're funny is actually unoriginal and trying too hard," the post said.

Police said the pig was taken to the city's dog kennels and was later reunited with its owner.

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