Police officer covered in mud from wrestling escaped pig

Ben Hooper

April 27 (UPI) -- Police in Ontario said officers wrestled with a runaway pig near a busy road before calling in backup from a livestock transporter.

South Simcoe Police said the pig was spotted Tuesday morning wandering along the 10th Sideroad in Innisfil and officers responded to attempt to corral the loose porker.


Police said they were concerned the pig could pose a danger to drivers.

"The problem is when people try to avoid these animals that can be just as tragic -- trying swerve around a 200 pounds pig -- as it can be running into a 200 pounds pig," South Simcoe Police Sgt. Todd Ferrier told CTV News.

Constable Gerry Crane ended up covered in mud as he attempted to wrestle the pig into the back of a patrol vehicle.

"We tried getting her in the back of a car, but she was having nothing to do with that. I can honestly say I under estimated the power of a pig," Crane said.

Livestock transporter John Hodgson was summoned to help load the pig into a trailer.

"A lot of police wouldn't even get close to it, but they were able to get a rope on it. We just had little short ropes so everybody had to be right there," Hodgson said.


Kyle Gray, the pig's owner, said he will be keeping the animal, named Quasimodo, at a neighbor's farm until his pig pen fence is repaired.

"No pigs or police officers were injured during this lengthy and unique apprehension," police said.

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