Jeep Wagoneer to be extracted from sand dune after 40 years

By Ben Hooper  |  Feb. 22, 2017 at 12:26 PM
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Feb. 22 (UPI) -- A Jeep Wagoneer that has been entombed for 40 years inside a Massachusetts garage that became buried in a sand dune is about to emerge.

Basil Musnuff said the garage that held the Jeep on his mother's Truro property, which is located on Cape Cod's Ballston Beach, became half buried in sand over time.

He said the Wagoneer will be extracted from the sand-filled and partially collapsed garage Friday.

"It's probably going to fall apart like something out of Indiana Jones," Musnuff told the Cape Cod Times. "I'm not even sure it's a Jeep."

He said the family has wanted to rescue the Jeep from under the sand for years, but town officials only recently agreed to let them dig it out.

"Part of my memory of the place is that the Jeep was there," Musnuff said. "I don't think I've ever seen it driven. It really was the only reason they had it, so they could drive on the beach."

Neighbors said they remember seeing the Jeep in action.

"I remember it being in the garage," Graham Whitelaw said. "It's like a white Wagoneer."

He said many local residents had Jeeps to drive on the beach in the summertime.

"Jeeps were parked by the beach fires," he said.

Musnuff said the walls of the garage might be left in place to support the dune.

The Wagoneer isn't the only car to recently emerge after decades in an unusual place -- a rare 1959 Ferrari 250GT PF Coupe was recently removed from a one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment that served as its storage space for 30 years.

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